Waiting on Martha and Kate Spade Bridal Feature

Flair Designery Custom Invite

I was BEYOND thrilled when I received a call from the fabulous Mandy of Waiting on Martha asking if I would be interested in designing a custom bridal shower invite and rsvp for a Kate Spade bridal feature. I think it took me less than a half of a second to get the word “YES!” out of my mouth and without screaming at the same time. Immediately, the ideas started swirling and the bow shaped RSVP was born. I have to honestly say this is my favorite, favorite part of the entire invitation. In all of my years as as designer, I have never seen a bow-shaped RSVP, let-alone one that is gold foiled and threaded with a black and white cabana stripe! I thought that it could not be more Kate Spade iconic if you tried. Plus add the hot pink pop and a gold foil liner…could you die!!! Be sure to check out Mandy’s entire Kate Spade Bridal feature all week over on her blog. Kisses!!!

Flair Designery Bow Tie RSVP

Flair Designery Custom Invite

A New Chapter

2013-02-17 at 03-42-52

FINALLY!!! We are back with a new look and new designs!

After months of careful planning, design and redesigning, TONS of caffeine and our 3 o’clock daily laugh fests, we are so very proud to start this next chapter of Flair Designery. When FD started in 2006, it was a simple boutique offering photo birth announcements and holiday cards in the St. Louis area. We have learned a lot. Grown tremendously and hired some amazingly talented people, who help to make FD into the fabulous company it is today.

As custom design continues to be at the core of our business, we are thrilled to be adding new product lines such as coasters, napkins, wrapping paper and more…AND all in time for the holidays!

Our hearts and love of design can be seen throughout the site and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


People Style Watch Holiday Issue 2012

Fate is a funny thing…on September 12, I was contacted by Etsy that People Style Watch was considering a Flair Designery holiday greeting card for inclusion in their 2012 Holiday issue. So many emotions ran through me all at once; excitement, joy, disbelief and fear. I hurriedly sent all of my samples to People Style Watch in New York, along with many a thank you notes and crossed my fingers. I was not allowed to discuss this, as their was a possibility that the card would not make it to the printed version of the magazine AND I had to wait until the issue was live. However, September 12 had special meaning as it is my parents wedding anniversary and my mom said it was a “good sign” and that the card simply would make it in.

The wednesday before thanksgiving, I ran to Target fingers crossed that it made the issue. My hands were shaking as I found ONE lone copy on the stand and began to flip through. Finally I made it to page 224 and their it was…right next to the Kate Spade holiday card! I was so excited to tell someone that I told a random woman standing next to me. I probably looked like a complete crazy, but I had to tell someone!!!

As a small business owner, you know how hard you work. The LONG LONG days, the lack of sleep, the hundreds of designs that you create and the customers that turn to friends over the months that you work together; these are all a labor of love that come from owning and running your own business. However, opportunities like this only come along when a lot of hard work has met preparation and I could not be more thankful for an opportunity like this.
I want to thank everyone who made this happen…Dana from Etsy and the lovely individuals from People Style Watch. My girls, Maggie and Kara, who have worked their tails off this holiday season. My parents, who help me in more ways than they even know. And my husband David, who puts with all of my craziness. I work a lot and I work hard, and he supports me every step of the way, even if it keeps him up at night.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!