Effortless Style

Effortless ChicAs a new Mom, the old morning ritual of getting ready no longer applies. I have to be up and ready long before little man, as he has little to no patience after his morning bottle. So, being able to throw together a super cute outfit that is both a little bit me and a little bit mommy is essential to my daily life. I need to be able to quickly go from Mommy to mogul, sans spit-up.

I like my outfits to be easy-breezy, but still stylish. I am currently obsessed with graphic tees and really anything leather-type. From leggings, to skirts to jackets, give me a pop of leather and I am good to go. Two items that are always staples in my wardrobe are shoes that do not necessarily match and one large ring. I prefer my necklaces to be vintage if possible. It is that small detail that people always, stop and ask me, “where did you get that?” And I always use leopard as my neutral. Great shops like Zara, ASOS and Old Navy can give me almost all of these items at once, and as an added bonus all of these items are under $100. What’s not to love?!!!


Preparing for the Holidays

There is a crisp in the air, leaves are falling, and the clocks have turned back. All signs that the holidays are nearing. Here at Flair Designery, we begin by playing christmas jazz and designing our holiday paperie. Every once in a while we get distracted by decorating, shopping and of course, eating. We’ve gathered some of our favorite items that help us prepare and really feel ready for the holidays. What’s your sure sign that the holidays are nearing? How do you prepare for the holidays?
preparing for holidays
We begin by decorating the home with Stockings and a Simple Lovely Wreath.
This of course must be done while enjoying a Hot Cocoa (this one may be for grown ups).
After decorating, it’s time to relax… can never have enough cozy Blankets.
Next the food & drinks…
Every bar needs some beautiful coasters and a delicious snack, Cinnamon Sugared Almonds.
Of course, it’s not a holiday without a full bar.
Prepare for table decorations. We love these napkin rings, they’re lovely & smell wonderful!
You’ll need to start shopping for that perfect holiday outfit! Abby’s Holiday’s include fun tights & Sorel boots.
Every holiday baker needs a Pie Box & every holiday drinker an Apple Cider Sangria .

Happy Holiday Preparing!

Obssessed… Spring Accessories

Spring is here! I don’t know if I should say that yet… We’ve had quite a few false starts. But if we’re not there, we’re close enough! I have gathered some of our favorite Spring accessories… shoes, shades & hair accessories. 

oh la la… click to read more…
With spring comes more sunlight… so I picked some lovely shades to protect those pretty eyes from the bright sun. I love the vintage look of the sunglasses, and a pop of color never hurt! In Missouri, Spring also brings humidity. For me, that means my hair is out of control, making bobbys and hair ties an essential! & finally, Spring means no more boots! Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some boots, it’s probably one of my favorite parts of Autumn. However, I also love heels and flats. 
Love & enjoy the sun!