We bought our house in August of 2004, just a few months before we got married. We had looked at — no lie, close to 100 houses before we found this one. The market back in 2004 was a mess. Very similar to now, you had to lead with your best offer and more times than we liked to admit, we were over bid by $10-15,000. So, when this house came on the market, by lunch time, we were walking the property. After closing on our home, we went though our first Reno as newlyweds. At this time, the bathroom had recently been redone, so we just painted it, put up some of our favorite art and called it a day.

Look at those stripes! We definitely loved it back then…fast-forward to 2020, we had been talking about redoing the bathroom for some time. David really wanted to do shiplap and I really wanted to do wallpaper, but we both agreed upon new flooring, new fixtures, new rug, etc. The only things that had to stay were the sink and the toilet. Because of the size of the room and where the plumbing was located, these two items needed to stay or be replaced, but they had to be the exact same size. In addition, we wanted to do the entire remodel for $1500 and that included redoing the closet as well.

I wanted to mention that this is the ONLY bathroom in the entire house, so we had to work quickly and we also spent a few days at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I am so lucky that David, who used to be a contractor and man of many talents, can do all of the work for us. We could not be happier with how everything turned out. It is light and bright and makes me happy walking into it every morning. Not to shabby for $1500!!!

Sources: Shiplap from Home Depot  /  Wallpaper from Thibaut  /  Rug from Houzz  / Mirror from At Home  / Light from Overstock.